What’s Really Happening in Houston?

I know Houston is the fourth largest city in the U.S. but it is the epicenter of nothing. After spending a few hours celebrating Cinco de Mayo with the pretty people (and not so pretty), I am convinced that there is much ado about nothing when it comes to H-town’s fashion scene. Everyone looks so cookie cutter and carbon copy-ish. I did spot a ‘worth mentioning’ yesterday as well as plenty of fashion blunders who were going to force me to whip out my citation book and charge them with committing heinous crimes.

There was one pink button down shirt that stood out by Bespoke. It looked tailor-made for the guy’s body and caught my eye immediately. The fabric and detail of the garment lends itself to the fashion savvy consumer by giving the appearance of a high quality and moderately expensive top. This party go-er perfected the effortlessly chic look with the fit and fall.

A few fashion don’ts brought up the rear while toasting with oversized beverages – a superhero in the crowd sporting his blue fitted t-shirt with the S across his gym crafted chest and another in sheer cotton pants that not so fabulously revealed his thong and pockets. I wanted to tap him on the shoulder and shout, “Guilty as charged!!”. Remember that tailors can remove the pockets and enhance the look of your clothes so you don’t walk around looking like a pauper¬†from Express. Pay attention to the detail of your clothing. Ready-to-wear should look as if it was designed for your build and frame. Get in the practice of having your mass-produced items custom fitted. It makes a difference and prevents you from blending in.

A few things to highlight – no matter how tres chic you are, the drunk look definitely bumps you down a peg on the best dressed list. Rubber flip-flops should remain in the privacy of one’s residence and if you are going to wear low-rise, tight jeans, undergarments are preferred. Ladies, if your thighs are riddled with cellulite, find a pair of shorts that covers all the cottage cheese. Daisy dukes are not the best selection.

Houston, we have a problem. In a sea of fashion guppies, there are too few who are brave enough to let individual style separate them. It’s the small things – Ray Ban aviator glasses do not fit everyone’s face. There are many styles and plenty of designers who make these sunglasses so find what works for you. Jeans with the back pockets down to the mid-thigh are tacky and talon, stiletto nails make me think you’re going to claw my eyes out. These are not good looks for anyone. Dare to be bold, be fearless and be fashion in front.

Now that’s dripping sexy.


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  1. Jason Oli

    Some fashion nazi has me feeling totally inadequate and out of touch because I’m not rocking tailored clothes ….. And I thought my superman shirt was hot too!!!

  2. Harper

    Although your outfits are cute on the blog, I really don’t see anything cutting edge coming from you either. And that hair…yikes! Other than that, you are beautiful and your body is banging!

    1. Post author

      Harper, thank you for reading my blogs. To your point about not being cutting edge, I’ll simply state: Tiger Woods, number of major golf championships won = 14. Butch Harmon and Hank Haney (Tiger’s coaches when winning these majors), number of major championships won = 0. I thought I’d take the time to ‘drive’ my point home (pun intended). I look forward to your opinion about future blogs. Keep it dripping sexy.

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