Size Matters…A Lot!!

Don’t think for one minute that you’re off the hook because society has deemed the likes of Beyoncé and J.Lo to be marketable figures. At any given time, I’m almost certain those two are struggling to be a smaller size (they look like they don’t miss a meal). Size matters – whether it’s the carats placed on your finger or the portion of food shoveled on your plate. Admit it and you’re one step closer to the happy place.  You can always tell yourself that it doesn’t matter but eventually you will see the negative impact that is left behind. Your size matters to you and it should. Health-wise being large and having extra pounds does damage to the body and psyche; ring-wise, you’ll always be drooling or side-glancing at the rock (cut and clarity are tres important here) on her hand; and relationship-wise, at any given time on girl’s night, you will be complaining over your glass of Malbec that you’re not being pleased at home. Size matters!!

Clothes look better on trim body frames. If you aren’t genetically gifted with a high metabolism, then run, hop, skip and jump to your nearest gym and slim down. In the meantime, take your clothes to the tailor because you should know by now that it’s the fit and the fall. Allow a good tailor to work magic for your wardrobe while you whittle away at the cellulite.

Certain things do NOT work on over-sized bodies. Boyfriend jeans become large pants, skinny jeans…(well, read the previous blog), pencil skirts…(ugh, the name speaks for itself), thongs, bustiers, fitted t-shirts…sacre bleu, I could go on but you get the point. You must dress with your body frame in mind or fix it!

The world is your runway so always be camera ready (and remember the camera adds 10 pounds).

Now that’s dripping sexy…

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  1. Mairi

    I couldn’t agree with you more Dripping Sexy! I’ve become more health conscious, weight-wise and the fit and fall of my clothing, more in the last couple of years than ever before. I think everyone should be mindful of this. Our health is a crucial part of our lives as we get older and the size of our waist, thighs and abs definitely makes all the difference while shopping! Despite a woman having a sexy, petite physique or “side-glancing” at the size of next woman’s rock on her finger or being displeased and unfulfilled by her partner, I think some (most) women merely “want more” of something (whatever that may be)! If their requests are not met, they are dissatisfied and malcontent – left empty! Is this void ever fulfilled? If so, when and is it recurring? Does she ever reach a point of contentment? Does size really matter even when and if satisfaction is not often reached?

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