As many working women these days, I have 3 children and staying fashion infront is important to me. Additionally, prioritizing physical activities, health & wellness, financial fitness, and finding the zen require some effort but it’s certainly not impossible. One Stiletto Out the Door is a guide for everyone on a quest to Do It All and look and feel good while doing it.

With two degrees in public policy, a minor in French, and having worked on Capitol Hill, I decided to draw on my varied background and experience to share how you can creatively craft an innovative path to living a dripping sexy life. I am a passionate supporter of a number of charitable organizations, including teaching multiple financial literacy workshops each month and mentoring students on career and management skills. I now bring my business expertise to the lifestyle brand, Dripping Sexy.

You don’t have to be a member of the elite class and uber-thin but some personal standards must be maintained.

Living a dripping sexy life is 10% desire * 10% determination * 80% discipline. It’s all about attitude and image. It sounds simple, but you know how much of a challenge that can be when we all have so much going on in our lives. There is no reason or excuse to neglect your appearance, attention to detail, and fashion thumbprint. Stroll the catwalk with me as I change wardrobes in life’s dressing rooms.


Les bisous,