What’s New Is Old

Mirror MirrorWe are obsessed with ‘new’. Anyone with a sense of history knows that new is just a refreshed version of old. Very rarely does someone come forth with undiscovered goods like Columbus “finding” unchartered lands.

Artists and designers are usually exploited for their sweat equity by replacing and rebranding the tried and true with a sexy twist. Don’t fall victim to it. Define what is new to you. Mix classic with edgy and add a little movie star glamour to it. Throw on some aviators or oversized glasses and design your own sophisticated existence. What’s your signature style? It doesn’t matter if it fluctuates day-to-day. It’s like perfume – it fits whatever mood you’re in. Throw on jeans and a t-shirt with fabulous shoes and killer accessories. Make sure your clothes fit as well as enhance any assets and always be mindful of undergarments! Ladies, release your inner sex kitten and take it up a notch with lace. Men, ditch the old tighty whities and pull on some briefs that hug your buns of steel.

Play a character, create a role, and always edit accordingly. Channel your inner Marilyn Monroe and James Dean and get ready for the lead – lights, camera, ACTION!

Now that’s dripping sexy…

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