Financial Fitness Friday

Financial Fitness Friday Week 3Achieving financial fitness can require some work. Define what it means to you and then craft your action plan to get you there.

Is being debt free the focus or having peace of mind? Do you forsake following your heart because you connect money with the ability to do so?

Create a map to streamline your life. Write things down. I think better when I see it in black and white. If you’re overwhelmed with bills and activities, eliminate what you can. Begin paying the smaller debts to check line items off the “owe money” column. How are things coming along? In week 1, we took an assessment of the debt master plan – have you paid anything off yet?

Think about the luxury of living. It’s a mindset that we can all implement now. So, today you won’t (not can’t…ban that word from your vocabulary) be able to splurge on that must have “it” bag or pair of Tom Ford shoes. That’s okay because next time, you will if certain behaviors and spending habits are halted. Funny thing is that once you have the money set aside and your savings balance is increasing (ching, ching, ching – net worth column is growing) you’ll probably pass on being a mass consumer. Pay attention to something when you’re out and about – if you’re transitioning from a life of consumerism to a life of glamorous minimalism, look around you. How many folks are carrying the bags you thought you needed in your wardrobe? The price point is set for the average person to BUY, BUY, BUY! There is no “it” bag because IT changes every season…heck, almost every month!! The latest polish by OPI or Essie, the newest pair of chic aviators, accessories that will change your life – my gosh, aren’t you overwhelmed just thinking of it all? If you stick with the classics and occasionally purchase quality items, you will remain fashion forward instead of a fashion faux pas. We don’t need 10 shades of blue or green eyeshadow from MAC, Chanel, Bobbi Brown and Tom Ford to enhance our eye lids. (Oops, that might be me and my problem).

Try creating memories and finding pockets of joy. As you know, this is extremely important to me.  One of my favorites is to find a new café and try their soy chai tea latte. You’re claiming an hour of time to pause, inhale the spices of the drink, and relax. It’s rejuvenating. Also keep in mind that it’s relative – what fits in my budget and lifestyle won’t be the same as yours and we should never fall victim to the comparison game. I mentioned a few blogs ago another escape during the day – a couples massage. I was pleasantly surprised with a quick getaway to a Heights area retreat for a deep tissue massage and lots of laughs. It was just what I needed to unwind, throw on my stilettos and toss on my mommy beret to stroll the catwalk of my life. I’m learning that living a simple and moderately frugal life brings me much happiness. As the clutter clears, what matters is the amount of love in my life and the people around me.

Don’t give up everything. Decide how you want to spend your money and time and do what you love.

Now that’s dripping sexy…

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    1. Post author

      Thanks Lisa – I love spending too but I started to take a look around me and I saw lots of STUFF!! I wanted to declutter and have meaningful, sexy items around me.

  1. Eileen

    It is my goal to gain financial freedom. I have been a employee for the longest time and I wish to be my own boss. I am cutting expenses here and there to save enough and jumpstart a business. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Post author

      Eileen, you can do it! I see CEO/business owner in the future for you. Good luck with your journey and I can’t wait to hear about it.

    1. Post author

      I definitely agree on divorce complicating matters and sometimes recovery takes awhile but it is so worth it. Thank you for the kind words :)

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