Dating Mrs. Robinson

The Dating GameDating has its own behavioral codes, its own unwritten rules about how things should be done. Infuse seeing someone more than 15 years your junior and a lot of no-no’s are met.

Although one becomes a bit carefree when venturing into this erotic sub-culture of May/December romance, much discretion is expected and any transgression will get you ousted from the club. When dating someone considerably younger, there’s a delicate dance that is executed but not always perfectly done. The constant en pointe and referencing of years between the two make it difficult to let one’s guard down because there’s an internal battle of mentor, mother and lover. Rather perverse. Extremely arousing. Mentally exhausting.

Being the lusted object of a young one’s desires is almost parallel to having been selected as centerfold material – Playboy, of course. But when life is artistically sketched on the body, a woman typically seeks refuge and comfort in a mate more suitable to her age because there’s a camaraderie, an understanding that life has told a story and my body was the canvas. Yes, I took care of it like a Lamborghini Veneno but new models come out annually. One day the Universe will bring me someone who appreciates the labor and the interior and exterior craftsmanship.

When coupled with a younger person, the point of relaxation takes forever, if ever, to set in – especially when their eyes and hands wander elsewhere. Dealbreakers start to surface and it becomes less chic to have a cub on your arm. Every indication of the aging process is magnified and pondered in ways that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. especially if they boldly remind you that you’re getting up there in dog years.

It’s a different dynamic when paired up with someone your age and wondering if another, any other, woman will catch that mate’s eye versus sleeping with a person that is close in age to your own children. The world is unfiltered to them, so fresh and undiscovered. Your stories and Louis Vuitton baggage are a burden and unwelcome but most importantly, not understood.

As the reminders of life stare back at us each day in the mirror, who we are becomes a hell of a lot more important than what we see. Find a partner who will see the beauty in you when looking in your eyes. Although we can maintain, fine tune, and refurbish the outer shell like a classic auto, it takes constant work and it’s tiring so snuggle up to someone who won’t point out the parts that need to overhauled and brought in for maintenance work.

When someone looks at you, deep within your soul, every wrinkle is memorized and every stretch mark is known, if that person thinks the sun rises and sets with you, they are a keeper.

Now that’s dripping sexy…

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