Trends – Don’t Make a Fashion Faux Pas!

Spending money on trends is a waste of resources – both time and finances. The ‘it’ bags change as the wind blows and the shoes do NOT…I repeat do NOT flatter every foot. Either these items are made in such mass production or they are priced to exclude the average consumer so you wind up scouring the streets looking for a counterfeit knock-off or heading to the mall for a Michael Kors or Kate Spade version (please don’t commit this egregious act).

Trendy clothes are not made for everyone although designers fool you into believing such madness by manufacturing them in sizes larger than a 4. Helloooo??? The girls on the runway look like hangers and skeletons for a reason. This might help you keep it in perspective – they are called Victoria’s Secret Angels not Victoria’s Secret Cherubs.

Not all accessories are created equal. Know what bag compliments your body frame. Every woman can’t pull off the hobo bag because frankly you might wind up looking like a hobo! Crossbody messenger bags are not cute if you look like you’re strapped into something and top handle bags are all about proportion.

Stroll the catwalk with confidence. Attention to detail and putting in the extra effort will pay off.

Now that’s dripping sexy…

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