Successfully Busy or Tragically Overwhelmed?

Feeling overwhelmed? Juggling multiple priorities and demands and can’t strike a balance? Without the right kind of mental training, you will find yourself consistently in the weeds and look like a fashion disaster in the process.

Shift your priorities and assume the role of CEO/President. Surround yourself with a vice president and cabinet members to enhance and highlight your performance. Start off each day with the mindset that you will improve and be productive. You know what you want and need to accomplish so stay focused on the deliverables. Delegate when necessary…always delegate.

It’s a lifestyle; approach it from the angle of normality and perfection. I typically awaken at 4:30 a.m. during the week. I absolutely need my personal time to have green tea, respond to emails, and set the tone for the day. I head to the gym for an hour of cardio then come home to get my daughter ready for school. I jump in the shower, make green smoothies for her and my sons and finish my morning while they busy themselves around la maison. This is not helter-skelter to me – it’s controlled peace.

Find what works for you. There are times when my 13 year-old joins me at the gym in the wee hours of the morning (truthfully, I love those days because we find the silliest things to giggle about) and I don’t see it as taking away from my ‘me’ time. If you checked exercise off the list AND you shared quality time with le bebe, pat yourself on the back and hold your head a little higher. You’re one step closer to becoming the person you were destined to be.  No matter what obstacles are thrown your way, always remember to put your lip candy on, make sure your hands and feet are lacquered, eyebrows threaded, exercise done and go out on life’s catwalk. Take care of self and the rest will fall into place.

Now that’s dripping sexy…

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