Wonder Woman or Wondering Woman?

What separates the wonder woman from a wondering woman is the desire to achieve – at all costs. We may want chips & queso (oops…that’s me) or Sprinkles cupcakes (oops…me again) but we know the price. If I eat this, what will be the outcome? More gym time? Tighter jeans? A pimple? All of the above?

For some, there’s a deeper desire. I call it the superiority complex. There’s an element of pride knowing that after birthing 3 children, having 3 c-sections, and spending countless hours in the gym, that I am still a double zero with an enviable body (flat stomach, visible hip bones, Pilates ass…in case you were wondering).

It’s the discipline of a four-star general. It takes sacrifice, work, precision, and skill to execute this look and I refuse to be relegated to the same category of the average, frumpy mothers of the world.

Now that’s dripping sexy…

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