The Lamborghini Veneno & the Shade Tree Mechanic

You wouldn’t take a four million dollar, high performance, epitome of luxury craftsmanship like the Lamborghini Veneno to a shade tree mechanic so why would Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun and the many other multi-million dollar all-star, elite athletes seek medical attention from an ‘anti-aging’ (wink wink) clinic in Florida? The aforementioned superstars have access to and the resources to afford the top physicians in the world. Allow me to emphasize, the world!! Why did they visit this particular clinic? Again, a clinic?? I suppose it depends on who you ask and which version of the truth you’re prepared to accept. Regardless of which side of the batters box you position yourself, here’s a knees high fast ball right down the middle of the plate. Word to the wise, file this under cautionary tales. When you engage in a relationship – business or personal – with someone who is not your intellectual or social equal, invariably you’re involved with someone who has little or nothing to lose. They will gladly take you out if they go down.

Protect and guard your jewels.

Now that’s dripping sexy…

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