Hot Women Equal Hard Work

Men truly get the raw end of the stick when dating or pursuing a good-looking woman. I’m not referring to the woman who’s moderately attractive. I’m talking about the babe that makes heads turn and women side-glance with the evil eye – the woman who walks into a room and without uttering one word, says ‘bow down bitches’. Most women who fall in this category are keenly aware of the power they possess. Men directly or indirectly pay for it – whether it’s the constant reminder that we chose them or they pay out-of-pocket to maintain our attention. The courting phase never seems to end (not that it should) because there is always the lingering threat of being replaced or upgraded. There is evidence that shows a hot woman equals hard work. Why else would a man who has been fortunate enough to be with a hottie choose an average, frumpy woman the next time around? Arnold, Frank, Kobe, Tiger, et al…

A hot woman can drive a man to do many things: work an extra job, get hair plugs, drink and maybe even..not want another hot woman because it’s just too much damn work. Clinton…oops, well, now there are some exceptions to every rule. Let’s not forget that Halle Berry has been through quite a few decent looking men and can’t seem to keep them. Hopefully, she will have better luck with this baby daddy. Most men want someone to listen to them about their hard day. The average lookers tend to stay in their lane and cater to the whims of these men who settle for mediocrity. It’s like a mutual understanding of sorts – listen to me gripe and I will service you and toss in a cheap handbag. Yes, the arm candy is enticing and makes men social scene worthy but does it feed the natural desires that males have deep down? After a while, most men want to nest and create a home where they are crowned King of the Castle. Perhaps the average woman allows this to occur with relative ease because she’s just so giddy to have someone interested. She will gladly prepare the high carb, processed dinner and toss on her Target lingerie with zeal. Although this visual might not feed the carnal hunger that exists within men, the alternative is entirely too taxing so he decides to slide up to table, finish his Hungry Man meal and later turn off the lights (or make it a bit darker) to thank her properly.

It shouldn’t be surprising to find gorgeous single women. Most men find the routine of wining and dining them to be mundane. Let me pause here for a moment to clarify – average looking men typically gravitate toward good-looking women because it fulfills a fantasy of sorts and we make them look good. Men, this only works if you drive a high-end vehicle and live a lifestyle of luxury…or at least fool the women into thinking it isn’t being financed on credit. Handsome, sexy men can usually have the pick of the litter if they are charming. This group of guys want someone who is equally as appealing as they are but again, it’s work.

Women are generally surprised to see who good-looking or wealthy men eventually wind up with. It’s the “how and why did he get with her?’ reaction. Perhaps this is a wake-up call to my fellow hotties. Sound the alarm and blow the shofar!! In this economic climate, men are passing on the hot women and settling for the chubsters and Suzy-homemakers because they are easy. Little drama. Little stress.

Ladies, it’s not fair to treat your partner like a Hebrew slave simply because you possess the power of beauty. The shell fades and ages. Turn down the ego just a notch and take care of home. If his needs are being met, he might just return at the end of the day on time or stop by for lunch.

Now that’s dripping sexy….


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  1. Kesean

    I pay attention to the different types of handbags that a lady owns. One or two LV, Gucci, or Prada bags are my limit. If I notice that this women is an avid collector, then I will definitely be looking elsewhere. Now there is nothing wrong with good taste but, I will just save myself from the headache with that one.

    1. Post author

      Too funny. I guess you’re not supporting her habit…huh? Thank you for leaving a comment. I appreciate the support.

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