Be the Michelangelo of your Own Sculpture

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Are you pleased with the reflection? Be honest…take a fair assessment. Forget the foolishness of not judging yourself harshly. If you aren’t brutal with the response, the haters sure as hell will tell you that you look like shit. The other carpool moms will talk about you as they sit in Starbucks and whisper “have you seen her lately? She looks so tired and beat up.” The dads are not so obvious and catty but they get the point across over a round of golf. The discussion of getting back to the gym or taking a CrossFit class gets tossed in as they sip cool beers. Men, the rotund look is not sexy. A chiseled physique is appealing no matter what age you are. You can’t stall the salt & pepper look (which is quite dashing) or the receding hairline (comb-overs are not allowed) BUT you can do something about the diminishing six-pack and the Dockers getting larger.

Why not be sexy together? It’s like dating all over again. Instead of coming home and sitting in front of the tele, go for a walk, hit the gym, or take a Bikram Yoga class together. Imagine the renewal of sexual energy that could erupt as you two shed the pounds and become hotties. She can finally stop having fantasies of you being Christian Grey and he won’t wish that you could magically morph into a Brazilian bombshell. Ladies, if your body has signs of childbirth, fix what you can. Keep in mind that after having the baby, your grace period for excess weight is no more than three months. When the baby has graduated from college, it’s no longer ‘baby weight’, you’re just fat!! Get a tummy tuck, toss in some lipo, and augment those boobs. I have the most amazing plastic surgeon. He’s an artist…a genius…a demigod. His work yields many compliments and moments of salivation. I have always been tiny and my body bounced back post pregnancy but after breastfeeding three kids, I knew an intervention was direly in order.

If there is something that you can alter, why not do it? It’s a boost to your self-confidence and life is too short to not be your fabulous self. Truth be told, I’d walk around naked if I could. I work out regularly, eat clean (most times) and I like the reflection that I see. Okay, maybe it fluctuates, but it’s mind over matter. You can’t be mad if you didn’t put in the work. Who cares if you get Botox? Who cares if calf implants give you the necessary symmetry? Do it!! Sculpt your body; mold it as if it’s clay. Men, there are no excuses. Ladies, your competition is not the 20-year-old that never had kids. Do what you can and appreciate the rest.

Now that’s dripping sexy…

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