The High Cost of Low Living

It’s a tragedy to waste each day not living up to your fullest potential. There is so much that we can offer so you owe it to yourself to share these gifts with the world. Taking care of self and tapping into one’s greatness is an obligation…a duty. The penalty is too stiff for living an unfulfilled existence and looking back on each day with regrets. Before resting your head on the pillow each night or upon awakening every morning, ask yourself the tough questions, “what can I do today to be better than I was yesterday?” “how can I be of service to another?” and “do I need some guidance through the process?”. Allow for time to process the answers. They don’t always come right away.

Are you eating poorly? Is your diet filled with highly processed foods which zap you of energy? Is your body deteriorating and muscle atrophy setting in? Your body is a temple so treat it as such. Do you find your days filled with emotional leeches? Find the inner strength to eradicate those life suckers from your existence. There are certain things that you CAN control so what’s the excuse? Living the life of a pauper has grave ramifications. You don’t recognize who you are any longer and you begin to question everything you do. Garner the courage to get it together. Dig deep and make the necessary changes.

Now that’s dripping sexy…

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