Fat? It’s Not Your Fault…Hogwash!

Disclaimer: I am not picking on those who are overweight. Now, with that being understood, here I go…”Two-thirds of the people in the U.K. are obese. Within the coming years, obesity will overtake cancer and smoking as the leading national health crisis.”, states a surgeon in the U.K. After performing gastric bypass surgery on a 39-year-old, obese man, the surgeon (based on the tone in his voice, I can only assume) stated with sincerity, it wasn’t the patient’s fault that he was obese. It was because he was born in the wrong era. What the hell?? So, the fact that I’m not Queen of England has to do with me living in the wrong era? Is it necessary to point out the glaring bias when a gastrointestinal bypass specialist says it’s not your fault that you’re obese? “It’s not your fault” is music to the ears of those with no discipline.

I’m here to state, not in every case but in my opinion, most times it is definitely your fault. When you choose to super-size it, exceed the RDA of calories and those calories are fat forming carbohydrates, it is absolutely your fault. Stand outside any Chinese buffet during lunch hour and witness the masses of overweight adults and children filing in and out like hogs to a trough. How long before there are no standards left? Will anyone stand up and say, “Hi, my name is ___ and I’m fat because I don’t have the discipline to stop eating so much.”?

For the love of all things couture – stop the madness before track suits are gracing the catwalk.

Now that’s dripping sexy…

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