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windowPower is freeing. It liberates you and allows the true self to shine through. Yes, power can be corrupting but if used wisely, it can catapult you to many levels. Be aware of how power influences your life as well as others. Something as simple as declining a dessert while everyone sits around and gorges on fattening, sugary treats is a small step towards taking power over your health. Awakening early each day to exercise or meditate is another way to claim power over your life. Think of it as being entitled. There are no limits. No barriers. Those who lack power fail to get what they want because they don’t feel deserving. How pathetic!! The more power you have, the more choices you visualize. The sky is the limit and ‘no’ is not an answer. The questions will always remain, ‘how can I get this done and when?’

If you read this blog and your first reaction is to think, “how self-centered of her”, then you don’t possess the ability to ascend to the next level of thinking. Power is intuitive.  It’s taking decisive action and downplaying the risks. It’s standing at enemy line and not letting your breathing pattern change. It’s having your finger on the trigger and knowing when to make the kill shot. It’s sitting at the head of the table, where you know you rightfully belong, without breaking a sweat. It’s walking away from an abusive relationship without stumbling in your 5 inch heels. Assume control over the things you can control. It may be perceived as not taking others into account and that’s okay. Sometimes you have to isolate yourself in order to ultimately influence others.

When your friends are hanging out all weekend, you have the power to make a choice – do you waste money on drinks and unhealthy foods? Do you waste your valuable time and lose sleep? Do you exhaust your resources to be a part of the ridiculous crowd? or…do you confidently pass because you’d like to make that early morning run on Saturday and Sunday? Do you take power over your lifestyle to get quality sleep and nourish the body? Do you strike a balance and attend one event AFTER all work is complete and then enjoy a glass of champagne?

Power has a price; it is a state of mind. Don’t allow those who lack vision and desire to clip your wings. It’s lonely at the top so use the power wisely and soar like an eagle.

Now that’s dripping sexy…

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  1. Kesean

    Beautiful and truthful as always. Sometimes the path that we need to take is truly our own and in some cases you can mention it to other people but they still won’t understand.

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