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hatWhy do women pretend to be proud of their bodies after childbirth? Not including medical miracles or housing multiple babies at one time, bodies post birth are NOT attractive if you let yourself go during the gestation period. What sane man or woman is going to find the overlaps of skin and awful stripes of stretch marks on the breasts, stomach, and buttocks appealing to the eye? Let’s face it – you won’t find that in any Playboy magazine. Airbrushing is necessary for a reason.

Women wear childbirth as a badge of honor. It’s almost martyr-like to share in the mommy and me classes that “I love my body after having this baby” or “I never felt so in touch with myself as a woman”. What you really mean to say is that you gorged on food ever since the EPT stick showed two pink lines. But of course, you won’t publicly admit to any of this because as you sit in the playgroup with your yoga pants stretched to the seam and the oversized t-shirt highlighting the need for your baby to nurse, a bombshell is sitting next to you with her toned, Pilates Reformer body and size 2 Lululemon attire. You hide your shame by constantly reveling in the beauty of birthing babies. Newsflash ladies – you and millions of others have done the exact same thing…many times over and managed to maintain an appropriate, healthy amount of weight during the pregnancy.

Most women tend to get über excited about the voluptuousness of their breasts during pregnancy (that might or might not have been me) but post birth and after breastfeeding, your boobs sadly resemble cow udders. You lie down in the bed for a brief moment of intimacy (probably won’t last long because you’re leaking milk) or you assume what YOU think is a picture-perfect sexual position, in a dimly lit room, and your breasts go in an entirely different direction. Talk about needle across the record moment!

Ladies, letting yourself go during pregnancy or any time in life is a powerless, self-defeated act. You are not eating for two and exercise can be done until you push the baby out. I had three c-sections and hobbled down the hall after each surgery, with IV bag and pole in hand, to weigh myself and assess the damage. During each time in the recovery room, my mother was always waiting there with my lipstick, jewelry and hairbrush to freshen up and be presentable to the world (it was really just the doctors, nurses, and my visitors but you get the point). There are no excuses! Take care of your body. Both you and your partner will appreciate all the hard work.

Now that’s dripping sexy…

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