Murder By The Shoe

shoesOnce upon a time, in a land not so far away (any boutique nearest you), there were a select few high-end designer bags and shoes that were on my coveted wish list. Unfortunately for the designer and fortunately for my bank account, that has all changed due to the watering down of the so-called luxury item. A luxury used to be something desired by many and obtained by few. Now, it seems to be a moderately expensive product that too many people can acquire. Remember when Louis Vuitton used to be a treat? I have banned my 13-year-old from carrying them any longer. The price point has been set to appeal to such a wide market and there is nothing fashion forward about carrying the LV monogram bag. Do I want to spend $1500 on a pair of Christian Louboutin now that they are featured in rap songs (Trina and Rick Ross kind of ruined it) and on fat legs of so-called A, B and C-list celebrities? Do I want to hand over $10,000 – $20,000 on an ‘it bag’ that everyone carries? They somehow managed to tarnish the Hermes label. While on the quest for all things fashionable, I have enjoyed giving many designers a chance because the care of my feet matter and I am not your average handbag consumer. The majority of the time, celebrities ( je deteste that word) are gifted items to ‘encourage’ you to spend your money. Don’t fall for the manipulative games of those who drive the industry.

On the low-end range, I occasionally like Jessica Simpson shoes and boots because she oversees the production of footwear that caters to the natural shape. Her shoes usually have a round toe, a wedge and a high-heel to enhance the long, lean look. You can throw her shoes on at 8:00 in the morning and last all day. If you have a few more dollars to play with or a benefactor, Charlotte Olympia and Brian Atwood are great choices. In the mid-range price category, Jimmy Choo and Giuseppe Zanotti provide the statement and you can walk in them for quite a few hours. The aforementioned designer, Loubi, usually has a narrow toe-box, whether open or closed, and his shoes force you to feel like you’re a geisha with bound feet…and you end up walking like one too. I have a saying for shoes that are sexy and uncomfortable – “to and from shoes” – to the event; straight from the car. No stops in between and no bathroom breaks. These shoes require your flip-flops to be on standby at all times.

Ugly feet are a social injustice…a travesty… a disservice to those in the nail salon business. There’s nothing more abhorrent than seeing a woman with feet that detail the years of forcing size 9’s into a size 6 shoe. Keep in mind that bunions, hammertoes, corns and other self-inflicted disfigurements can make a face turn sour. You might be a dimepiece but if your feet are jacked up, it’s a deal breaker. This dripping sexy standard applies to both men and women. No one is off the hook here. I have always taken care of my feet; it’s an absolute must. It tells a lot about a woman. Imagine this – you’re dating someone, as I am, who derives sexual pleasure from touching beautiful feet (this only applies to my feet but you get the picture) and you find yourself in the moment when he or she is removing your shoe. Do you want it ruined because of all the years of foot torture? In all likelihood, that scenario would never occur because your feet would have been assessed early on in the relationship. Be observant when you’re out on the town. If you are wearing open toe shoes, people are giving your feet a quick glance. Vanity should not override the sensibilities.

According to Christian Louboutin, “shoes for men are about elegance and wealth, they are not playing with their inner character. That is why women are happy to wear painful shoes.” but he also tosses in, “the core of his work is dedicated not to pleasing women but to pleasing men.” I partially agree with this but a fabulous pair of shoes certainly isn’t worth the subsequent day of pain. The only excuses for tortured-looking feet are if you’re a prima ballerina assoluta or heredity dealt you a bad hand.

You decide but know that the rest of us can tell when your feet hurt. As you’re standing, you shift your balance from leg to leg, you sit and push the shoe off your toes or you simply have a pained expression on your face. I am lucky enough to have great friends who have carried me to the car because my feet were killing me, valet was not available and I couldn’t take another step. Lesson learned!!¬†Stroll the catwalk in shoes that fit!

Now that’s dripping sexy…

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