Puzzling. Puzzled?

We dish out pearls of wisdom and platitudes with the ease of a waiter serving hor d’oeuvres to those with their smug senses of self-importance. It’s done under the guise of ‘motivating others’ and it’s pervasive. Take a look at any Facebook or Twitter page and it begs the question – if so many people are enlightened and flushed with sage advice, why are folks screwed up? Here’s a suggestion, how about we try saving ourselves before attempting to save others? Perhaps it’s easier to see the trash in someone else’s yard while ignoring our own garbage. Or could it be as simple as laziness?

No one really wants to do the necessary work to self-analyze and make the changes to better one’s self. For many, it could take years before being ‘ready’ for a relationship with others. Instead, we engage in what I call ‘puzzling’. It’s the act of withholding all of the pieces to who we truly are and providing those pieces, one at a time, over an extended period. Unfortunately, by the time many of us receive all of the pieces from our partners, we’re too invested.

My contention is why not hand over the entire box of puzzle pieces so our potential partners can decide whether to frame the completed puzzle or break those pieces up and throw them back in the box?

Now that’s dripping sexy…


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