Are You Summertime Ready?

rockHow many times have I heard someone say, “I’m getting my summer legs or I have to drop 10 pounds before I squeeze into a bathing suit”? Surprise folks…the summer is here!! Did you reach your goals? Did you slim down as you hoped? Did you do enough lunges or squats to tone and lift? I have blasted this body with Reformer Pilates, Bikram Yoga, running and weights. Do I enjoy it ALL the time? Nope! Do I love the results? Heck yeah! I’ve had three children and I’m getting older. Do I have to work a little harder? Not all the time because it’s been a lifetime of fitness for me. Do I have to maintain? All the time. Am I one Sprinkles cupcake from being a fat girl? It’s possible but I will never know. As long as I have to keep sharing my sweet treats with those close to me, I remain in check.

When the opportunity comes, you don’t have time to get ready. You have to be ready to own it. When my photographer has a creative idea, I can’t blow it by declining because I’m having an inner fat girl moment (those are few and far between). When I go into a boutique, I want to see the sexiest XXS or double zero on the rack. It’s not always about vanity. Yes, as you sculpt your body and the reflection appeals to you, it’s rewarding but remember what I’ve been saying all along – it’s the fit and the fall. When you see runway models, are they thick? Obese? Lumpy and full of cellulite? No. No. No. You don’t hear the diet horror stories for nothing. When I attend an event, I want to be able to slip on anything in my closet or have the tailor alter it to flow with my body shape. Why stress over the ONE thing you can CONTROL?

This philosophy applies to everything in life – pull your act together and don’t wait until tomorrow or a season to get ready. Bodybuilders hit the gym daily but usually take 12 weeks to lean out for a competition. Runners typically train in the rain, sleet and snow to prepare for marathons. Fashion designers have racks and racks of fabulous garments to show during a preview. Master the discipline to always be ready. You never know when your moment to stroll the catwalk will arrive.

Now that’s dripping sexy…

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