Having It All With Style

The good life is not a reward you get after reaching milestones; it’s something that nourishes you along the way. Believe that you can have it all and claim it…maybe it won’t be at once and that’s fine. Eventually you will check things off your life list. The choices we make force us to prioritize. It shouldn’t be a disappointment if you can’t holiday in Europe. Approach it from the position of timing being off a bit. You will get there. In the meantime, regularly take a few hours to pamper yourself. Make routine appointments for manicure and pedicures and toss in a massage. I was recently treated to the most amazing massage at a quaint spot in Houston. It was the mini-vacation I sorely needed and I almost forgot that I was in the city. Perhaps touring Napa Valley doesn’t fit into your budget or schedule. From one oenophile to the next, this doesn’t mean that wine glasses should ever be empty. Hop in the car and take a road trip to a local winery such as La Cruz de Comal or enroll in a few wine workshops at Central Market (take a class with Russ on Monday evenings).There are so many fun ways to enrich your daily life.

Striking a healthy balance requires effort and after a short while, it becomes your lifestyle. Determine what ‘having it all’ means for you. It’s easy to develop a pattern of measuring yourself against someone else’s success – don’t do it. Is it a career change that you seek? A relationship? What about getting in shape? Take baby steps. What’s the one thing that you can do each day to bring you closer to having it all? Begin with your health and appearance first. The diet industry wants you to think that popping a pill is the answer to being thin but it’s not. It’s truly simple – exercise more and eat less. You don’t need to pay Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers to tell you how to eat. The formula works if you stick to it. Next, focus on your mental state. Are you living your life with joy and purpose? If not, do something about it immediately. Dig deep with this next one…if your relationships and friendships continue to leave a void in your life, are you the root of the problem? Are you being the friend or partner that you seek? After you build a solid foundation, anything else you take on will seem painless because you will have reached a level of mastery and discipline to face the next set of hurdles.

Having it all has changed for me over the years. I have a sense of equilibrium now that didn’t exist when mes enfants were younger. I found myself juggling three schedules, not including mine. My days were overflowing with activities and I was constantly in overdrive (confession: it was purely self-inflicted). Health and fitness have always been at the top of my to-do list. If I don’t take care of self, I’m of no use to anyone else. It’s not selfish to take the time to work on you. You aren’t a martyr for filling the family schedule to the max and refusing to pencil in ‘me’ time. When my children were younger, I quickly learned that I had to rise early in the a.m. to workout. As they began to attend school, my flexibility increased. I would chauffeur everyone to their destinations and then hit the gym for a few hours…every day without fail. There was no guarantee at the end of an exhausting day that I would make it to the gym. Another crucial item – take care of the aesthetics. It’s a must!! Frumpy is not sexy. Who wants to return home to an out of shape, boring, lackluster partner? What a turn-off!! Vanity is not an ugly word so use it to motivate you. Give yourself pep talks and fix what you can. 
Be fabulous in every way possible. You owe it to yourself. Put in the time and effort to create and maintain your new lifestyle. Only you can do what is needed to succeed so commit to working on being a better you than you currently are. You just might find that certain things are not that pressing or important. Having it all takes a paradigm shift. Assess where you are in life and enjoy the moment.
Now that’s dripping sexy…


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    What an awesome writing Mimi! Any author that can keep my attention pass one paragraph is one to revisit. I love it!

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