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Financial Fitness Friday Week 2There is nothing sexier than a person who has his or her finances in order. Last week, we chartered the choppy waters of determining how much money we owed to others. We also took a hard look at the fact that a great deal of us work to pay the bills instead of enjoying life but that will soon change. With our new mindset, we are prioritizing our wants and needs and this carries over into every aspect of our lives…especially eating. Together we will shed the weight of debt and work our way towards healthy financial fitness.

Here are a few tips for the upcoming week:

1. Cancel the restaurant reservation! Instead of going out, dine in at home. Eating out all week adds up and it shows in your bank account and on your expanding waistline.

2. Subscribe to a fan page. If you have a favorite place to frequent, add yourself to their email list or follow them on social medias. You might receive coupons and invites to special events.

3. Stick to the plan. When shopping, make a list and check it twice. I fall victim to this at Target and Central Market – especially when the sample tables are out on the weekends. Now I find that getting my groceries and household items sans my daughter allows me to avoid the unnecessary junk food and “oh, I need this t-shirt” blues. I also avoid the crowds and can enjoy my Saturday and Sunday without chores.

4. Brown bag it! Bringing snacks, such as carrots and hummus, tuna and avocado, rice cakes and almonds, will save you a small fortune during the week. Prepare your items the night before to avoid the morning rush around la maison. It’s one less thing to worry about in the a.m.

5. Purchase off-brand. I admit…there are times when I struggle with this because I like packaging. It took awhile but I realized as long as it feels or tastes the same and performs as needed, I’m happy to be saving my l’argent. Who cares what the brand is for the whole wheat pasta and brown rice? Organize your pantry with lovely containers and it all looks the same anyway!

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6. Scale back on the treats. There’s no need to eliminate them completely but switch up the frequency. That daily dose of Starbucks will put a huge dent in your wallet and those weekly mani/pedis do too. Make it a pocket of joy, not a habit.

7. Return the goodies! If mama ain’t happy, nobody is happy so look around the house and see what you’re not wearing or using. Maybe you can return the items, use the cash towards a debt and de-clutter your space meanwhile streamlining your life.

Managing your finances and taking control of your emotional health is one way to eliminate stress. Move past your fear of number crunching, stop keeping up with the Joneses cause they are probably broke as hell, and create the map towards your financial freedom.

Now that’s dripping sexy…

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Disclaimer: I am not a licensed financial professional. I provide information to be used at the reader’s discretion.

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      We can always treat ourselves and based on one’s income and expenses, if they are budgeting money, choices have to be made. I enjoy treats all the time. Go for it!!

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