The Hook Up

The Hook UpSocial media has become a platform for the hook up. Believe it or not, not everyone logs on to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram looking for the next conquest. It’s a hot bed for solicitation and innuendo – with all the pokes, private messages, and suggestive pictures. If you ‘poke’ me, what will accomplish? If we add one another as ‘friends’, do you think it now provides you the latitude to send me a private message and ask me out? If you see pictures of two people together, ALL THROUGHOUT A PAGE, what liquor gave you the immediate confidence to ask someone to your house and watch movies?? A complete stranger nonetheless!! In all fairness, if there is no relationship status indicated, that might allow hope to spring eternal but a word to the wise, do your homework!! Look at a few posts before you take the leap and embarrass yourself. ‘Single’ or nothing indicated does not mean available. Some people actually keep their personal affairs private and close to the heart. If dating or sleeping with someone is your cup of tea, create an account with Ashley Madison or

Being on the prowl is a desperate move and not attractive at all. If the ‘about’ page indicates that one is married, allow it to steer your moves. Yes, you may add new people and respectfully comment on someone’s page. No, you may not use social media as a means to cheat on someone you’re dating or signficant other. Granted, one may easily find those who think so little of themselves to allow such a physical hook up to occur but for the rest of the population, it is seen as an imposition. Engage with me. I encourage the intellectual intercourse. Let’s use the media for its intended purpose but do not violate my public domain. Posting risqué pictures or relationship advice is not the green light for sex.

Now, on the other hand, if you are involved with someone and you find yourself continuously ‘liking’, ‘adding’, ‘following’, or ‘commenting’ on people and pictures that look like eye candy (believe me, that’s relative) then perhaps there is a deeper issue. It can be disrespectful to your partner. Let’s be frank – you know when to admire something in your head and when not to hit the button. Focus all energy and effort on your partner and let them be eye candy. Leaving a thumbprint of what you lust after makes you appear in heat. Put your tongue back in your mouth and keep it in check!!

The world of social media can be used for good. Don’t allow it to cause problems in your relationship and destroy loving connections. Evil does lurk out there in the form of the hook up. If it’s tasteful, funny and mentally nourishing, then ‘like’ the post and page. Join a fitness group and make a few connections via networking. Remember, let love and respect for self and your partner be the compass which guides you through a sea filled with millions of people.

Now that’s dripping sexy…


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