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When you think of a night out, what’s the first thought that pops to mind? A glass of bubbly or wine? Great company and a good time? Whether it’s a date, girl’s night out or an evening for one, Pinot’s Palette puts a smile on your face. This is the perfect way to release your inner artist even if you didn’t know you had one hidden within. With a glass of vino in hand, anything is possible. It’s BYOB so come with your favorite beverage and feel free to share.
After putting on a smock and meeting your table mates, the instructor creates the artwork for the night through a step by step process, and the class replicates what is drawn on their individual canvases. As I paused throughout the night to take pictures of the budding Picasso’s and Frida Kahlo’s, I found it rather interesting that everyone saw the same illustration yet produced an entirely different result.
If you’re busy chatting it up with a neighbor, you’ll miss something. Whether it’s how to blend a new color or position a person sitting on a dock, all you have to do is raise your hand and the friendly hosts will center your creativity and get you back on track. As I took on the¬†challenge for the night, I proceeded with a bit of trepidation. I am not much of an artist although I know a fabulous piece of art when complete and how to write a check. I still draw stick figures and they are never symmetrical so I did raise my hand many times just to ensure that my canvas would be easel and frame ready.
The classes range from two to three hours and are open to all skill levels. If you can’t afford to visit the Louvre or purchase a Van Gogh, this is the best way to spend a night in Houston. Visit their website, www.pinotspalette.com, to find a calendar filled with options. With a few locations throughout the Houston area, there’s no reason why you cannot expand your collection.
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